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Online Travel agents such as booking.com charge B&B Owners very high levels of commission - please use this website to book directly and help the B&B provide better value for your hard earned money.

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Cancellation Terms

The B&B Owners Association recommends the following terms to B&Bs. However, individual B&Bs may have their own terms and conditions and these are always printed at the bottom of Confirmation Emails and in the Guests Booking Status Page - http://your-booking.com

No refunds will be given for the cancelation of Last Minute Deals - No refund

Cancelling Bookings

Bookings should ALWAYS be cancelled via the Guests Booking Status Page - http://your-booking.com. You will see a button marked Cancel Booking

This process is necessary to ensure the B&B booking system is kept up to date so that we can always help our guests and the bed and Breakfast owner.

Refund of Deposits or Booking Fees

DEPOSITS: The B&B may take a deposit in addition to the booking fee. If you need a refund of a deposit from a specific B&B, firstly read their terms and conditions. All requests for a refund of Deposit must be made to the Specific B&B directly and not to the B&B Owners Association.

BOOKING FEES: Some bookings incur a fee at the time of booking and are taken from your credit / debit card ONLY if a booking is confirmed - these are retained by the B&B Owners Association and are NOT refundable. You can always check the status of your booking here >> http://your-booking.com please logon using your email & booking reference number. In the event you cancel the booking for any reason, booking fees cannot be refunded and you should have appropriate Travel Insurance that covers cancelations.